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Take the class! The class satisfies all testing requirements set by the Texas Department of Insurance for the Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License.

The licensing class is 3 days, on the 3rd day we will take the exam.   We have a 100% pass rate guaranteed.

After successful completion of the exam, you receive a certificate.  The next step is getting your fingerprints taken for a background check. Follow this link for the fingerprint instructions, Fingerprint requirements, and instructions (texas.gov)

Complete the application at www.sircon.com and attach your certificate and fingerprint receipt. Each person must complete the application and pass the background check.

So its a 3 step process:

1) Take the course, pass the exam, and get the certificate.

2) Have your fingerprints taken for the background check.  https://www.tdi.texas.gov/agent/documents/fpinstructions.pdf.

3) Fill out the online application at www.sircon.com

I walk everyone through the application and fingerprint process as well as make myself available to help people through the procedure.

I have a 100% pass rate guaranteed.   You are guaranteed to pass the test.

Don’t hesitate to call (254) 654-9584. Or send us an email at info@texaslicensingcompany.com

Yes, the course includes the exam.  You will take the exam on the last day of the licensing class.

No.  The on-line completion rate is very low, and here is why.  The on-line version requires 40 hours in front of the computer and then take the exam.  For most people, completing the 40 hours will take several days if not weeks or even months.  Most that set out to take the course on-line fail to complete it.  The exam will require a proctor, a proctor is someone to verify that you took the on-line course and you are the same person taking the exam. Unless you can devote 40 hours of time to quickly complete the on-line course, then immediately take the exam after arranging for a proctor the on-line version is not for you.

Our licensing class is 3 days, on the 3rd day we will take the exam.   We have a 100% pass rate guaranteed.

The Texas All-Lines Adjuster License has historically been the most sought after license in the country.  Depending on your home state residence, the Texas license could be best suited for you.

Click on the “Why you need a Texas license” tab at the top of this page, or follow this link https://texaslicensingcompany....

Yes, the Texas Department of Insurance application fee currently is $50.00 and the Sircon on-line application fee is about $15.00.  You have one year from the date of the exam to submit you application to the Texas Department of Insurance.

Additionally you must submit your fingerprints for a background check conducted by the Texas Department of Insurance.  The cost for fingerprinting is approximately $45.00.

The licensing class is 3 days and is usually held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will take the exam on the third day usually Sunday.

The Adjuster Deployment Preparation class is a one day class usually held on Monday.

Xactimate training last 3 days and is usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The 7 day adjuster package starts on a Friday and ends the following Thursday.

Independent adjusters typically work for adjusting companies providing adjusting services to an insurance company.  Adjusting companies have rosters of independent adjusters, and employ these adjusters when the insurance company requires their services.

Insurance companies also employ adjusters as members of their staff.

For a catastrophe adjuster to earn a high income you must be willing to go to where the money is.  It’s not likely to be right in your back yard.  Saying yes to a deployment and staying on-site until the job is completed is essential for success.

There are four types of compensation:

Fee schedule – Each adjusting company has their own fee schedule based on their contractual agreement with an insurance company. During the adjuster preparation class we display many fee schedules from various adjusting companies.   A fee schedule typically graduates or increases depending on the size of the loss. The logic being the larger the loss the more work the adjuster will perform to settle the claim. You can say as an average is $400.00. Some claims may pay $100.00 some pay $700.00 or greater.  In a catastrophe environment as a beginner you’ll need to complete 3-5 claims per day.  As you become more efficient you will be able to complete more.

Daily Rate – Each adjusting company has their own day rate schedule based on their contractual agreement with an insurance company. A typical day rate is $700 per day.

Hourly Rate – Adjusting companies and insurance companies pay hourly rates to adjusters working at a call center handling claims or providing customer service. These call centers are scattered across the country.  These hourly rates are usually well above a typical hourly wage and have mandatory overtime.

Salary – Staff adjusters usually are paid a salary.

We are independent trainers and have designed the class to fill the market need for quality and affordable training.  We also provide service after the class and assist our customers if they struggle once they are working with the program.  We will be more than happy to provide references from folks that have taken our classes.

After I take the Xactimate class will I be certified on the software?

After the class you will receive a certificate of completion from Texas Licensing Company, the certificate represents that you have achieved the training goals.  However only Xactware, the software company, offers a Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 certification.  The certification exams are done on-line and there is a cost associated with the exams.

The most significant step in becoming a competent user of Xactimate is proper training.

How to Become a Texas License Adjuster?


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